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Technical translation

Technical translation of documents differs from the translation of literary or informational type of translation. The main difference is that there is a bulk of specific terminology in such texts.

Make a technical translation of your manual for the foreign users.

For example, an English speaker uses the word сast in the meaning ofa throw, or to throw. But in medical documentation it can be used in the meaning ofgypsum bandage” or “gypsum. And it is by far not a solitary one peculiarity that differs technical translation from other types.

Technical translation in Kyiv city

Written technical translation can be applied to aircraft and machinery engineering, mechanical equipment and other industries, which directly or indirectly deal with the technical terminology. Technical translators mostly work with the following types of documents:

  •     manuals;
  •     technical literature;
  •     scientific and technical articles;
  •     regulatory and legal documents;
  •     business presentations.

Technical drawings and schemes translation requires some extra skills. Not only a technical translator, editor and proofreader, but also a layout designer is engaged in the schemes translation.

Commonly, the most required services ordered at our company in Kyiv are technical translation of documents, business and advertising texts, as well as interpreting, both consecutive and simultaneous. However, we can provide you with the specialist for your event in any other city of Ukraine.

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The benefits of professional technical translation of documents

You have an opportunity to order the translation from a freelancer, but there is the risk that it will be necessary to re-do the document at the translation agency, and, consequently, to make a double payment. The main reason of the poor quality is insufficient qualification of a translator taken off the street.

The standard philological education is not enough in such a case. It is necessary to obtain the specialized education and large experience in the field in order to be able to do a written technical translation of documents (for instance, reports on microbiology or a building material manual). And it is preferable that the translator’s first steps were not taken while working on your texts.

For this purpose, applying to the professional translation agency MK:translations, you can be absolutely sure that you will be provided with the best specialist in the required field.

Another fact, that freelance translators often take several orders at once, and, therefore, do not manage to complete them within the established time limit. For our part, we set a high value on our and our clients’ reputation, that is why we always follow the deadlines.

If you have a large order, it will be entrusted not to a single translator, but to an entire team. This way the work will be completed in time for sure. In case of some rather large orders on technical translation, the price will differ from the small ones. The manager will estimate the price of the services according to the special price list, and will announce it by the phone.

What does the technical translation agency МК:translations offer?

The translations made at МК:translations have a set of advantages.

Firstly, the high speed of order execution. The manager will not be shocked by the large volume of your order and strict deadline. Large orders will be done by several experienced translators simultaneously.

Secondly, the guarantee of the complete translation quality. You can rest assured that your clients will not find any mistakes in your texts as the translation is additionally checked by the editor and proofreader along with the translators.

The third benefit is the individual approach to each client. Taking the order, your personal manager will confirm all the necessary details:

  •     topic;
  •     text volume;
  •     terms;
  •     complexity;
  •     your personal requests.

 The technical translation price of your text will be established on the basis of these points.

If you wish to apply for a written technical translation of documents at MK:translations in Kyiv city, call or drop us a line, and you will get the comprehensive answers to all your questions.

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