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Legal translation

Accuracy is paramount in legal issues. While translating juridical  documents from one language into another, each mistake can cost a big sum of money or lead to the lasting paperwork.

Professional legal translation of documents

One of the vivid examples of the wrong legal translation was the German company TIE’s cooperation with the English city of Edinburgh.

On renewal of the Contract by the parties, the translator made a mistake. All because of the term “delinquent”. In English it has the meaning as «not paid», but in a financial report it turned to be “Verbrecher ⎼ felonious”. The TIE owners took it for discourtesy, and broke off partnership relations with the city.

In order to avoid such unpleasant situations, you should order this type of service at a verified company, which ensures not only the quality, but also legitimacy of the final result.

Which documents require legal translation?

Legal sphere is characterized by the existence of a wide range of documents for individuals and legal entities, namely:

  •     company charter,
  •     extracts from a register,
  •     notarial statements,
  •     contracts of any type,
  •     court decisions,
  •     extracts from laws, provisions and legislative drafts,
  •     intellectual and private property rights,
  •     business correspondence,
  •     documents for certification,
  •     licenses.

You can order legal translation of documents and texts at any company in Kyiv, but only the legal translation company MK:translations provides with the full range of legal services in relation to all types of legal documentation.

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Legal translation in Kyiv: main complications

While working with the legal documents, a translator faces the main difficulty — numerous industry-dependent terminology, which is specific for each separate country. It means, that the specialist working on your translation must have legal education as well as sufficient experience in legal sphere.

Juridical translation into English and other languages requires knowledge of current laws, legal system of a chosen country and peculiarities of record-keeping. The specialists of our company hold necessary qualification and have work experience in legal sphere of at least 5 years, and this enables them to complete your order at the highest quality.

Types of legal translation of documents

Juridical translation into English or other foreign languages has three formats:

  •     textual ⎼ implies the textual version of a translation executed identically to the original. It is one of the most required types of services.
  •     consecutive interpreting (oral translation) ⎼ conducted in real-time between the pauses of the speaker’s speech. It is mostly ordered for foreign participants of any court or other procedures, where it is extremely important to understand each word of the speaker in order to get the ruling on a case.
  •     simultaneous interpreting ⎼ a complex type of translation used in judicial proceedings for the procedure observers. It is characterized by the usage of specific technical equipment (earphone) which plays the translator’s speech alongside with the speaker.

Therefore, not only the documents are significant, but also the self-presentation at court or a business meeting if your knowledge of a foreign language is insufficient. The case result is dependent in the same extent on both the documents collected and the understanding of the details in the process of working with them.

Notarial certification of juridical translation

Another aspect of a juridical translation is the official confirmation of its authenticity. Correctness confirmation of legal documents translation is conducted in several ways:

  •     document endorsing by the translator’s or the company’s seal,
  •     certifying the translation by a notary.

Official certification allows using the translation of documents in official authorities (for example, in the court or embassy).

Aside from that, it is important to consider the confidentiality of your data.

With the company of legal translations MK:translations you can be absolutely sure of your private information being kept in secret. Each MK:translations employee signed the non-disclosure agreement meaning that your data is safe and untouchable.

If you need the translation of the court evidences, official documents, interviews, or an interpreter assistance at the court, you can appeal to our managers, and you will be provided with the most advantageous option. Don’t hesitate, order the translation of legal documents at MK:Translations!

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