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One of the most complicated tasks for a linguist is to learn interpreting. For this purpose, one should speak the chosen language perfectly as well as know its history, theory, structure, and explore the culture of the country where this language is being spoken.

Order interpretation for major events and private meetings

The quality of the negotiations defines the level of success of the whole event. A qualified translator will help to establish mutual understanding during the agreements conclusion, at symposiums, congresses, summits, seminars, presentations, exhibitions, conferences, workshops and training courses. Interpretation is an obligatory component of any international meeting or online event.

Interpreter has to listen to the speaker attentively for a lasting period of time in order to be able to interpret his speech correctly and to the point. Along with the professional skills, an interpreter should have the skills of business administration. The most difficult topics for interpreting are considered sports, politics and war. Therefore, interpretation price depends directly on the topic of your event or meeting.

Interpretation price

Interpretation price is dependent on three core factors:

  • format of the meeting;
  • duration of the event;
  • topic of interpretation.

If you need a professional specializing in technique, economics or law — apply to MK:translations. Your personal manager will assist you in choosing the competent specialist having the field-specific education.

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General linguist will not manage the interpretation of a washing machine or a medical drug presentation. Interpreter must hold the knowledge of the specific terminology and experience in the field. Otherwise, the listeners will fail to grasp the sense of the conversation. As a result – your event is a failure.

The more extreme conditions are provided to the interpreter, the higher is the price for his services. In case of accompaniment of Drugs and Weapons Enforcement Agency, the price for the interpreter’s services will be higher 🙂

 The interpretation price is also dependent on the duration of the event. For example, if the meeting is planned to last for 2-3 hours, one interpreter will be enough, but if you plan to conduct a conference for the whole day, then one interpreter will not be able to manage this volume of work, and you will need to hire 2 specialists.

Interpretation price is being estimated individually with each client by the personal manager. In order to check the exact price for your case — make a query for the service through the form located on our website or make a call to our office.

If you urgently need a specialist, indicate in your query, for example, that you need:

  • technical interpretation;
  • in German;
  • on May 26, 2019;
  • from 10 am till 1.30 pm;
  •  at IEC in Kyiv city;
  • interpreter — a man of the age of 30-50
  • with the diploma of an interpreter;
  • dress code — a suit.

With the knowledge of all your requirements it will be easier and faster for us to find an appropriate specialist for your particular event.

Types of interpretation in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine

Interpretation includes:

  • consecutive interpreting: speechmaker says the phrase making pause afterwards for the interpreter to translate it;
  • simultaneous interpreting: interpreter and the orator speak at the same time, the translation is fulfilled step for step” with the speaker;
  • whisper interpreting (shu-shu-ta): a type of the simultaneous interpreting. Interpreter is whispering the interpreted text to the listener. This type of interpretation is mostly ordered for private meetings or negotiations within a private circle of participants.

Planning an image-building event? Order the service of simultaneous or consecutive interpretation at MK: translations. You will be provided with the best interpreter in Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Mykolaiv and other cities of Ukraine. The audience of your event will be grateful for the high-level organization.

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