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Apostilization of the Documents

Ukrainian documents are often not admitted in other countries without certification of documents’ authenticity. Thus, if you are dreaming of foreign education or official employment, you must first prepare a set of required documents.

If you want your Diploma or Birth Certificate to be accepted abroad, it should be legalized. An easy way to confirm the authenticity is to apostillize the documents.

Apostilization is a simplified procedure of consular legalization of the documents. Unlike the consular certification of authenticity, it takes much less time to affix apostille, which will also be acceptable in several countries.

The apostille looks like a square stamp. All the data is written inside the stamp certifying the documents’ authenticity.

Affixing Apostille in Ukraine

There are three types of authorities dealing with the documents’ apostilization in Kyiv:

  • educational (diplomas, school certificates) and cultural activities related documents (awards, competitional diplomas) are certified by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
  • legal (court orders, protocols, testimonies, statements) and notarial documents (last will and testament, deed of gift, deed of ownership) are certified by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.
  • documents, obtained from the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine (police clearance certificate, arms license), from the Department of visas and registration (foreign passport), and also medical documents (medical record, medical history, disablement certificate) are certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

However, there are some documents that cannot be affixed with apostille:

  • documents, issued by diplomatic authorities of Ukraine abroad;
  •     commercial and customs documents;
  • any copies or originals of passports;
  •     military card;
  •     work record book;
  •     firearm license;
  •     vehicle registration documents;
  •     identity cards;
  •     laws and regulations;
  •     private correspondence.
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Which countries legally recognize the apostille?

 The list of countries that accept apostilles includes the participants of the Hague Convention of 1961. There are over 112 countries. That is why apostilization in translation agency is a service that will help you to use your documents all over the world.

Also, there are states, where apostille is not necessary, due to simplified procedure of the documents’ legalization between some countries. The majority of those countries are former USSR and some European countries.

Types of documents apostilization

There are only two types of apostilization: single and double. Single apostille is an affixed stamp on the original documents only. Thus, there is no need in an apostille for the translation of the document, notarization will be enough.

Double apostilization has 4 steps:

  •     affixing a stamp (apostille) on the original documents;
  •     translation of the document into a foreign language;
  •     notarization of the translation;
  •     apostilization of the translation.

Sometimes, it is needed to apply to an abroad embassy after single apostilization.

Furthermore, electronic apostille was introduced on 20 November 2015. The form of this apostille differs. Instead of a rubber stamp, a separate blank with QR-code is sewn to the document.

Such a code gives an opportunity to verify the authentication of the document immediately. Another difference is that now you can get an electronic apostille in the Civil Registry Office regardless of registration.  However, such a procedure is available only for documents that were previously certified by the Ministry of Justice.

 And this is not the complete list of details you should take into account when affixing an apostille. Therefore, if you want to use documents outside of Ukraine, you need to order the service of apostilling documents in a reliable translation company.

Give a call to the consultants of the translation company MK:translations and they will let you know the price of the apostilling order, as well as tell you how to solve the nuances of this question.

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